Virtual Earthquake: Information for Instructors

Instructors please note: Our funding agencies, the NSF and the California State University, are very interested in knowing about how you are using Virtual Earthquake. For comments you wish to make, or if you have other questions about how to most effectively use Virtual Earthquake please contact us.

Also, just a reminder that we have a new version of Virtual Earthquake (called "Earthquake"). This revision is inquiry-based and offers instructors a powerful tool for the assessment of learning outcomes either for individual students or an entire class. Various other tools include a "Journal" where students record their observations, a set of interactive drawing and measuring tools to assist students with their observations, an interactive glossary of terms, and many types of tutorials and "help." Like its predecessor, a certificate of completion is given to students who successfully complete the activity and the assessment quiz. Our database server can store the results of your students, either individually or for the entire class. Give it a try. Earthquake

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