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Testing Compatibility with Biology Labs Online

Javascript Test

Note: Javascript and Java are very different.

Java Test

Oracle has made fundamental changes to the way applets work. For over 15 years, applets that followed the rules for applets were allowed to run in browsers; however, Oracle has now changed this. We have now signed all our applets so they will work in browsers, but you must be careful to allow the applets to run when asked.

When asked if it is OK to run the applet, look to see that the Security box shows California State University Los Angeles and then allow the applet to Run. If a message comes up about some code being signed and some being unsigned, this is because the images used by the applet are not part of the signed jar. Make sure you click on the Do Not Block button. Unfortunately, the applets on this site predate the jar file type and getting them to load images from jars would require recoding of the applets.

We have found that you need to make sure that on the "Advanced" tab of the Java Control Panel, you need to make sure that "Mixed Code" is on "Enable - show warning if needed" for many of the applets to run.

Below this message, a black box should appear with white lettering that says "Java is Running". Below that will be the version of the Java Virtual Machine that is running in your browser. As long as this box appears and the version is 1.1.8 or greater, you should not have problems with any of the Java applets on this site.

The exception to this is if the name of the Java VM manufacturer is Microsoft. If it is Microsoft, you should upgrade to Sun's Java VM by going to

Please note that it can take a while for the Java box to appear.